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Take a deep breath and breathe in the colourful, ambient electronica of Matthias Zimmermann’s Clash mix. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

German producer Zimmermann makes synth-led electronica with a subtle hip hop wash that hits somewhere between charmingly eccentric electro and early Warp bleep-house, all of it pretty delicious.

For his Clash mix, Zimmerman breaks out a host of excellent names, including Daniel Avery, DJ T., Martyn, Daphni and Auntie Flo, but there’s a hidden method to his selections. Firstly, consider the words of Zimmermann’s record label, Sound Pellegrino “All tracks on Matthias Zimmermann’s releases have first names and constitute the population of an Isla we’re gradually exploring with him.”

And here’s Zimmermann’s explanation of his mix: “The mix puts the listener in the position of being marooned on the ISLA. It describes the plot in different phases:

- shipwreck
- blurred perception of the environment
- alien impressions
- realization of the dramatic situation
- starting to brace oneself
- exploration
- being captivated by peerless purity
- looking out for shelter
- building a makeshift home
- hunting for food
- struggle in the wilderness
- growing desperation
- escape”

So there you have it. A desert island drama told through the medium of contemporary electronica – a concept we fully approve of. But whether you get on board with the shipwreck vibe or not, it still makes for damn fine listening.

Matthias Zimmermann’s ‘Botanica Dub’ EP is out now on Sound Pellegrino.

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Matthias Zimmermann tracklist

1. Clark - Dove in Flames
2. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Your Love (Pearson Sound remix)
3. Octochamp - Port Manteau
4. Mike Monday - Grace (Justin Martin remix)
5. Rekchampa - Collapsin'
6. Chunky - Decca
7. Crackazat - Tunnel
8. Matthias Zimmermann - Vincente
9. Andre Kraml - Safari (James Holden remix)
10. Auntie Flo - La Samaria
11. Chateau Flight - Discobole (Pépé 75cL remix)
12. Martyn - Red Dancers
13. Daniel Avery - Taste (Paul Woolford's special request remix)
14. DJ T. - Dis (Kink 909 tool)
15. Makam - What Ya Doin'
16. Daphni - Pairs
17. Fantastic Man - Sanctuary
18. SCNTST - Rhythm Sticks
19. Matthias Zimmermann - Una (demo)
20. Pointer Sisters - Dare Me (12 extended mix)
21. Bullion - Keep A Document
22. Shed - You Got the Look
23. Carl Craig - Goodbye World