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This week's DJ Mix without a concept comes from Tri-Angle/Left Blank hombre WIFE aka Irish metal band Altar Of Plagues' James Kelly.

Sparse and creeping guitar pluckings, with haunted tortured electronic strata thrive under the spectral vocals of James Kelly. This textural chameleon is the mind behind Irish black metal band Altar of Plagues and whilst WIFE tears off in a more club cultural direction expect nothing less than fanatical levels of composition. Tri-Angle have stepped in to release WIFE’s first LP as Left Blank continue to feed those around them. His ‘Stoic’ EP gathered up everything involved in the vogue of gothic and rearranges it with deeper drones, more stifled pain and a scintillating dose of existential agony. Disorientating alternative pop never sounded this beguiling.

Asked about his choices for the mix WIFE said "The mix does not have any concept. It contains music, old and new, that I find inspirational, moving, and visceral. And in one or two cases I included songs for no reason other than the fact that I enjoy them."

WIFE Mix Tracklisting

GOD - Fucked
Tangerine Dream - Birth of Liquid Plejades
LowLife - A Sullen Sky
Rachel Grimes -Every Morning
Steve Reich - Pulses
Portal - Larvae
Wilderness - Post Plethoric Rhetoric
1991 - Open to the Dark
Ami Dang - Treasure
Pom Pom - Untitled (19 A)
Ambivalent & Alexi Delano - Lights Down
Shifted - Leather
Drake - Make Me Proud
Ango - True Blue
Julianna Barwick - Envelop
Chasing Voices - Acid Bathory
The Prodigy - Break and Enter